Food Cans

Discover Premium Quality and Versatility with Food Cans

CanTec provides you with a wide range of options when it comes to storing and distributing your food products. From canned fish to milk powder, CanTec provides casing for all sorts of foods with world-renowned food safety measures. Built with the highest quality electrolytic tin plate and finished with food-grade lacquer, CanTec food cans deliver international standards to your food products. With our customizable options, CanTec brings you the best storage options for the canned food industry.

Experience Enhanced Stability and Durability

Cans may come with horizontal beading to be more stable and robust. This design feature enhances the can’s durability, making it resistant to impact and deformation. Additionally, the beading provides extra support during stacking, ensuring safer and more efficient storage. Whether for industrial or household use, our beaded cans offer superior reliability and performance.

Safeguard Your Food with Cantec’s BPA-Free

This ensures that the integrity and safety of your food products are maintained, even under high temperatures. Our commitment to health and safety means you can trust Cantec cans for storing your food with complete peace of mind. Additionally, our cans are designed to withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring your products remain fresh and secure.

Our Products for Food Cans

A unique value proposition

State of the Art Printing Machines

State of the Art Printing Machines

CANTEC is an innovative company as for product customization since printing is one of our main assets. The process is entirely in-house managed and CANTEC ensures full monitoring and stability of your business.

Bureau Veritas Certification

Bureau Veritas Certification

Food safety system certification 22000