Confectionary Cans

CanTec Confectionay can selection is the perfect choice when it comes to food products such as biscuits or candy. With a high-quality build and food-grade gold lacquer interior coating, CanTec confectionery cans assure a long shelf life for your food products.

Product Range

  • 215g / 225g / 235g

Printed Lids

CanTec supplies printed lids as per Customer requirement

Unprinted Lids

CanTec supplies unprinted lids as per Customer requirement

A Wide Range of Products

Biscuit Can 4
Biscuit Can 3
Biscuit Can 2
Biscuit Can 1

A unique value proposition

State of the Art Printing Machines

CANTEC is an innovative company as for product customization since printing is one of our main assets. The process is entirely in-house managed and CANTEC ensures full monitoring and stability of your business.

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